“We moved into our new facility this past summer. We had quite a bit of work done to make the building and the grounds reflect the pride we have in our business. We thought the investments we had made were an important part of our growth as a company. Unfortunately, we found that we had a problem with moles that became very serious. These rodents managed to do quite a bit of damage. The appearance of the multiple mounds that regularly appeared on our grounds was causing us great concern. We finally tried an electronic mole ground control method, but had no success. We did not feel that poisoning was a good option for us. We had some employees that were not comfortable with the idea, and had voiced concerns about using such products. We needed another option, but were beginning to think there was no other way to control these animals.

Then we were introduced to a new product. “Uncle Ian’s All-Natural Mole and Gopher Repellent” has made all the difference for us. After the first application, we noticed a drastic difference. There was no recurrence of holes, or damage, where the product was directly applied. After we treated the area a second time, the moles completely moved off the premises.

After seeing the success that was achieved at work, I also used “Uncle Ian’s All-Natural Mole & Gopher Repellent” at my own home. I am pleased to say that it worked like a charm. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a problem controlling moles. I say this not only because it is a more human option, but because of the results that are achieved. “Uncle Ian’s” is the best mole control product I have ever used.”

- J. Gill, Kent WA

“I purchased your product mole and gopher repellent at Home Depot and I like the product but Home Depot does not sell it anymore. Where can I purchase the produce in Los Angeles, CA”

- N. Pavich, Los Angeles CA

“I can't tell you how pleased I am with your critter repellent.

My backyard was being destroyed by squirrels. Each day I'd spend up to an hour patching and re-planting ground cover that had been torn out by the varmints.

While at Home Depot, buying additional ground cover to replace what the squirrels had destroyed - we spotted your product.

I've used it for the past week - and no squirrel damage! That may not sound like a reasonable test period - but I know better. The squirrels are still around, climbing the trees and running along the fences. But no damage.

Thanks so much for your product. I was almost ready to throw up my hands and relinquish my back yard to the squirrels. With Uncle Ian's I have my beautiful garden back. “

- D. Brakefield, Atherton CA

“I wanted to let you know that we discovered your product at the Home Depot in Denver, but when we moved to Boise we can’t find it on the shelf at two of the Home Depots that we've checked. The Mole & Gopher Repellant is available, but not the Dog & Cat Repellant. We tried some of the other repellants that were available at Home Depot, but nothing works as well as Ian’s Dog & Cat Repellant. The stuff works like magic!

I am able to order it online from Home Depot, but we must pay shipping for orders less than $45 and it takes longer for the free shipping to the store. Either way, it’s a major inconvenience! I’ll go ahead and order it for store delivery for now, but it would a greater convenience if we could just buy it off the shelf at the Eagle or Boise Home Depots.

You also might want to contact Zamzow’s. It’s the premier Garden center in Boise and they carry a lot of pet products. The natural and safe properties of the product might appeal to them. Please let me know if you’re able to get it on the shelves here. It’s great stuff!”

- W. Carver-Herbert, Boise ID

"Hey Uncle Ian, hope you're well. We used your gopher repellent on a yard full of holes and now it's a beautiful green lawn but, those little bastards moved to our back yard. We put more repellent down and no more holes, thanks so much for a product which works as advertised and we will certainly pass this on to our neighbors; thanks again very much."

- A. Goodloe

"Maann this stuff works great! Those gofers are gone! And the best part is this stuff is LUKE APPROVED! As a family man that made my day. Thanks Uncle Ian!"

- R. Nunn

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