Our number one product and the best-selling Mole & Gopher Repellent in America just got better, and is now combined with our Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Mix. Uncle Ian's Mole, Gopher, Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent is more effective in repelling pests than any other repellent, and we do it naturally. 100% natural, Uncle Ian's repels by taste and smell and starts working as soon as you apply.

It’s safe to use around plants, trees and vegetables. In fact, it contains 13% organic nitrogen which conditions damaged soil and grass. Lasts up to 2 months and covers 3,000 square feet.

Cost effective! Just sprinkle and smooth out on top of mounds. Repeat application for five days and Moles, Gophers and Voles leave. For Deer, Rabbit and Squirrels, just sprinkle a 2-foot circle around the vegetation you want to protect.

*All our products are 100% organic, OMRI listed, and guaranteed to repel pests naturally.

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