MSDS (Material Safefy Data Sheet) Information:
  Product Ingredients: Dried Blood in powder form and Dried Red Pepper
  Form: Powder
  Chemical family: Not Applicable

  Fire Risk:
  Combustible when subjected to heat.

  Extinguishing media: Carbon Dioxide
  Flammable dust when finely divided suspended in air and generates a dense acrid smoke. Self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing required to extinguish.

  Corrosion Properties:

  Toxicity and Health Hazard Data:
  Dried Red Pepper is an eye irritant to the eye, nose and throat.  A burning sensation is also produced on skin contact but differs from most topical irritant that no reddening or blistering occurs, even at high concentrations.

  First Aid requirements:
  Eyes: Flush with water.
  Skin: Wash with mild soap and water.
  Respiratory: Move to fresh air.
  Ingestion: Give large amounts of water to induce vomiting.

  Protective Information:
  Respiratory: Protective mask is recommended to prevent dust inhalation when excessive dust presents.
  Eyes: Protective glasses are recommended but not required.

  Waste Disposal Method:
  Disposal in accordance with local, state, or federal regulations.

  The information in this MSDS was obtained from current and reliable sources and is furnished without warranty of any kind.
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